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Caring House: Durham, NC

Caring Housecaring_house_durham_kitchen1_300dpiCaring House in Durham, NC is a 12,900 square foot building associated with Duke Cancer Center that provides affordable housing for patients and their caregivers. The environment is built for comfort – a screened in porch, water garden with koi pond and a library all work toward re-creating a feeling of home. BAM upheld this aesthetic with a friendly color palette and open plan in the kitchen. Designed as a communal area, it allows for versatility between larger and smaller groups with multiple appliances, ample storage, and plentiful counter space.

On Site: Crane Lift

Regeneron Crane LiftOne of only two that exist on the east coast, this 600 ton hydraulic crane was used recently on a project BAM is working on in Tarrytown, NY. Only the second largest of its kind behind the 725 ton, what makes this crane special is its 164 foot mobile boom. The scale of this crane, combined with the size of the boom, made it the only machine able to lift the substantial mechanical equipment and cooling fans into place.


Los Angeles Business Journal: BAM Opens LA Office

Los Angeles Business Journal